Welcome to

the Academy of Wine Business Research 2021 conference website. As you know this year’s conference will be online in July and this is the page you can use to register as a participant. The conference will be on the following dates for Europe and the USA.

6th July 2021

Covid19 and the future of wine business

7th July 2021

Sustainability and the wine business environment

8th July 2021

Consumer research and wine

The dates for New Zealand and Australia
will be one day later
so the 7th, 8th, and 9th

Each session will commence
at the following time :

9:30 PM Europe
12:30 PM West Coast USA
3:30 PM East Coast USA
5:00 AM Adelaide
5:30 Melbourne and Sydney
7:30 AM Auckland


Full three days

Booked before 31st May 2021
(from 1st June 2021 = 100€ / US $125)

100 € / US $125


One day

(You must choose one day
from three options)

40 € / US $50



Student attendance for three days
(does not include AWBR voting rights)

40 € / US $50


More information about preparing and uploading video presentations
(for those who will be presenting at the conference) and about accessing the conference platform
for everyone who wants to participate will be sent out in due course.


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